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Porsche Parts and Tequipment: Get them in bulk from us! | Porsche Quebec

Currently, nearly 70 percent of the Porsche vehicles produced since the brand's inception are still on the road, a fact confirmed by J.D. Power's 2020 ranking of the most reliable car manufacturers. Where does Porsche fit in this ranking? In 4th place! This is a testament to the manufacturing quality of these vehicles since the birth of the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer, but not only. Indeed, even Porsches sometimes need parts that have to be replaced. Their owners also often want to be able to count on top-notch equipment for their car. And for all this, a majority of these owners are looking for quality parts and accessories that can be flawlessly installed on their vehicle. Porsche Quebec, your Porsche dealer of choice in the Quebec City area, not far from Lévis, explains the advantages of ordering wholesale from your specialist of Porsche parts and Tequipment accessories to satisfy this very demanding clientele.

Porsche parts, ensuring that the brand's exemplary reliability is maintained in Quebec City and Montreal.l

For Porsche owners, cars from Zuffenhausen are first and foremost high-performance cars, but they are also models of reliability. In order to meet these requirements, the German manufacturer ensures that every Porsche part and every Porsche Tequipment accessory it designs and produces meets the highest standards of quality and longevity. So, if one or more customers ask you to order and install a Porsche Tequipment 911 Power Kit, you can be sure that you will be able to offer a set of parts that will increase the power output of their 911 in a reliable way (e.g. 450 hp thanks in particular to larger turbos for the Carrera S power kit if you have a 991 II Carrera S), but not only that. Indeed, Porsche has also thought of peripheral elements with this increased sportiness, including, for the above-mentioned example of the Porsche 991, optimised brake cooling. In this way, you can offer your customers the assurance of consistent performance, which they will be able to fully take advantage of in the long term and in complete safety.

Moreover, many Porsche vehicles (especially in the province of Quebec) are slowly but surely gaining in popularity. Some are even selling for more than their initial purchase value, provided they are original equipment, or that modifications have been made using Porsche parts. By mounting equipment that comes directly from Zuffenhausen, you make sure to help your customers maintain the value of their Porsche over time in the Quebec City area, as elsewhere in the province. That's also the advantage of offering genuine Porsche parts for sale!

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Ordering at Porsche: much better service and warranty, with potential savings!

By ordering Porsche Macan Tequipment accessories, Porsche Cayenne Tequipment accessories, Tequipment 997 parts, or any other item directly from Porsche, you are assured of offering the best possible service to your customers. In fact, by ordering directly from us, you will first minimize the risk of error on the part requested: each Porsche item is in fact specifically designed for the vehicle that will receive it. You will also have access to the best specialists in case of questions about the part or assembly, since they work directly for the manufacturer and have been trained to meet the highest Porsche standards. This way, you will order the right equipment and its eventual installation will be easy, since the product is designed for the vehicle. You will thus be better able to satisfy your customers who own a Porsche.

But the satisfaction offered by Porsche Tequipment accessories, by any Porsche 911 part (including Porsche 964 parts), and by Porsche 968 parts goes far beyond installation. In fact, by ordering your parts and other equipment directly from Porsche, you benefit from a better warranty in case of a problem. While by ordering through a third party, you will (still!) benefit from a three-month warranty, the warranty offered when you purchase directly from us is much longer, since it is two years. So, if your customer has a problem with any Porsche Cayenne accessory, you can settle it under warranty directly with us. And if they are not backed by a warranty, you can ensure their peace of mind by explaining that they are covered for two years! What's more, by ordering your Porsche parts this way, you avoid all potential fees and commissions charged by third parties. This will allow you to make potential savings for you and your customer, while offering exceptional and typically Porsche parts and service, even if you're in the Greater Montreal area!

Are you an automotive professional and wish to learn more about genuine Porsche parts and Tequipment accessories so you can order them wholesale? Contact one of our specialists directly at Porsche Québec, your Porsche dealer in the eponymous city, to find out more! It will be our pleasure to help you with courteous and exceptional service, while sharing with you our passion for the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer. We look forward to doing business with you soon!

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Date Posted: August 14, 2020

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